About me

MSI was absolutely astonished watching the BBC documentary “The 2000 year-old computer” in 2012. It exposes the spectator in the best possible way to the secrets of this mysterious device and how it actually works. Being a scientist myself, working in the field of magnetic materials as well as archaeometry (neutron imaging), I continued reading papers about it, only to re-watch the documentary a few months later. This was enough to push the research and experimental side of me in a hobby project this time with a purpose, and personal challenge, to reconstruct the Antikythera Mechanism.

Being a father of two children, I am fascinated by the learning process and place a great deal of attention in their early education. It is strongly believed that the actual Antikythera Mechanism was primarily used for educational purposes at the time. Further, I am always keen on free-diving as soon as I arrive in Greece for my holidays, no matter what the season is. As known, the Antikythera Mechanism was exposed in salt water for two millennia. This was then the perfect hobby for me, combining sea, Greece and ancient technology.

My aim was very simple in conception: a one-to-one scaled, exact replica of the Antikythera Mechanism, which precisely respects all absolute dimensions and known functions of the original and incorporates all the latest research. Needless to say, this entailed making all the calculations and design from scratch. Whilst staying true to the original design reflecting ancient wisdom and know-how, I further wanted the full beauty of the Antikythera mechanism to be directly visible by the spectator with the help of modern-life comfort. This is a great advantage for educational purposes. After all, it is all about an eternal gadget that we still admire as much as people must have done 2000 years ago. Whilst engaging in this demanding project, I used modern computers in order to minimize frictions of all components. This simulation process resulted in a real model with the drive input at the side, exactly as the original. Overall, only a handful of these reconstructions exist, with an even smaller fraction of those functioning with a side-input.

Markos Skoulatos


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