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The Antikythera mechanism

A well kept secret, in underwater silence. Hiding for 2000 years in the greek archipelago, rusting away. Discovered with the birth of the x-rays. Waiting for 100 more years to be decoded by 3D tomography. Today, we can just about recreate it. And whilst reconstructing it we wonder: Would it be possible for what was conceived and created 2100 years ago, to be manufactured just a couple of centuries back?

Here are some pictures of my gold-plated Antikythera Mechanism replica, together with a video, as well as a little bit of history behind my reconstruction.

Front side                                                                                        Back side
front_sym       back_sym


In motion:

Some details of the front and back side

This is the initial layout of the Antikythera Mechanism, to check most gears and axes.

The gears

A special font was created to emulate the original

And not to forget the people who got it out a century back



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  1. Διαβασα για την δουλεία σου και τις προσπαθειές σου και εντυπωσιάστικα.
    Θερμά Συγχαρητήρια και πάντα επιτυχίες.
    Με Τιμή

    Πάνος Αλεξόπουλος

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